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Well, this first post i will tell you how to make your own website using There are a lot of web builder that you can use to build your website such as wordpress weebly, wix, webs and more that has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Why i choose blogger ? It's easy to use, services from google so your website/blogs directly indexed by google search engine, a lot of free and premium template, you do not need to spend money, ready for google adsense. Ok, now let's build a blog.

How to Build a Blog

1. You need a google account (email), if you don't have, sign up here.
2. Go to, login with your google account. (somethimes on first login you will asked google+  or blogger only. Just click one of them, i'll choose google+ cause you can share your post and your blog will be appear in google search twice)
3. Click New Blog on left side, then you will see pop up window like below.

Title: type your blog title
Address: type url that you want (if "This blog address is available." appear, that mean you can use those url)
Template: choose one. (you can change it with various template later)
That's easy right ? Then, make your own blog and you can put your website address on comment below, let me visit your blog :-D.

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